2/15/2013 02:39:00 PM

Little Town NY Will Expand To New Jersey

The Big Apple plays host to two locations of Little Town NYC, which is a pretty typical watering hole save for one key fact: most of the food and drink is sourced from Empire State producers (beer hounds will be impressed by how many awesome labels state brewers produce). Well, the mini-chain is ready to make a move across the river and setup shop in Hoboken, where Little Town New Jersey will open on March 19.

Instead of fare from NY, you'll find plenty of offerings from The Garden State, ranging from Cape May oysters to a "Short Hills Joe," or a sloppy Joe that's served in the style of NJ delis. We're sure there will be plenty of booze from NJ providers, and the decor elements will utilize wood taken from the Jersey Shore and other areas of the state.

Speaking of the shore, there will be skeeball machines (classic Seaside). To make sure that they are representing in proper fashion, the ownership team will include two reality TV stars, and no we don't mean Snooki. Albie and Chris Manzo from Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey are co-owners, so don't be surprised if you see a camera crew or two in the house (310 Sinatra Dr.).


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