2/13/2013 09:02:00 AM

La Pulperia Brings Latin Fare to Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row is largely a snooze for non-tourist diners, but one eatery is trying to change that with some empanadas, taquitos and a large selection of items from a raw bar. La Pulperia took over the space that used to house Pomaire and started serving a menu of Latin American fare this week. If you need help locating it, just look for the band of smokers outside neighboring bar The Ritz, another Resto Row stalwart that is actually popular with locals. The smallish space takes its name from the general stores throughout South America and features wooden fixtures from Brazil and some floor tiles from Mexico.

Those taquitos are stuffed with goodies like lobster, pineapple and sriracha while the empanadas come with mixes like corn and manchengo. There will also be ceviche, cocktails from a former Apotheke bartender and a tiny two seat spot at the raw bar for those who want a view of the shucking. The eatery is now open (371 West 46th St.).

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  1. We are here right now....havent even gotten to the entree yet and the cocktails are fabulous...salmon brulee wonderful.... cant wait for the main course...wonderful restaurant!!! Owners chef staff wonderful!!!