2/05/2013 01:18:00 PM

LA Chefs Band Together for Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti

If chefs are the new rock stars, and rock stars always back political candidates, then it's a no-brainer that chefs will throw their support behind LA's mayoral candidates. Or at least Eric Garcetti. A full (and growing) line-up of some of the cities top toques have banded together for a food and wine tasting event with proceeds going to the City Councilman's campaign.

Sample dishes by by Jiro Kobayashi (Sushi Roku), Antonia Lofaso (Black Market Liquor Bar), Daniel Mattern and Roxana Jullapat (Cooks County), Kris Morningstar (Ray’s & Stark Bar), Salvador Roldan (Franklin & Company), John Sedlar (Playa, Rivera), Jason Travi (Littlefork), and Ricardo Zarate (Picca and Mo-Chica), and cocktails from Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix. The event takes place at the Peterson Automotive Musuem on Feb. 20 (7-10 PM). It's not a private dinner at George Clooney's house, but still. Tickets start at $100 and can be purchased here or at the door.


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