2/23/2013 10:46:00 AM

Justin Warner Is (Unofficially) SoBe's Biggest Rock Star

Warner greets well wishers underneath the lights
Miami is full of celeb chefs right now, and whether you're standing next to Anne Burrell at the bar or watching Curtis Stone hit a volleyball into the ground on his own side of the court, the reaction usually one of casual (if slightly tipsy) indifference. There's one celeb who's generating more excitement this year, and it's not who you think (though, Bobby Flay was greeted with screams of "take off your clothes" from a few over-exuberant fans after last night's win at Burger Bash) .

We're talking about Justin Warner, the Do or Dine chef and Zagat 30-under-30 alumn. It's not his flamboyant wardrobe (a special shout out to his linen, soft-orange zoot suit thingy from the other night) that's drawing them like flies to a Duff Goldman cake. It's his entourage - the young winner of The Next Food Network Star has been followed around by a reality show crew during multiple events, perhaps for his Food Network show Rebel Eats. One episode was announced, but perhaps more are in the oven?

We ran into him last night at The Fontainbleau's Best of the Best soiree last night, video producers in tow. Note to single guys: a reality crew is a bonafide chick magnet judging by the sun-kissed hangers on that didn't hesitate to say hi. One reveler stood on the borders of the fray, attracted to the hullabaloo. "Excuse me, who is that guy?," she asked us whens she saw we were trying to snap a photo. An explanation was dutifully provided. "Oh, I guess that means I should get a picture with him, then," she said as she moved right in.

Maybe it was the conservative pours of Champagne talking, but another gentleman noticed the attention the chef was attracting, and summed up the general mood of the fest: "Whoever he is, that dude's a rock star!"  Warner appeared humbled by all of the attention, a fact that was surely well documented by his crew.


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