2/13/2013 06:13:00 PM

Jake's Wayback Burgers and the Triple Triple Coming to SoCal

Have we learned nothing from the Heart Attack Grill heart attacks? You think the Double Double was something, even if it's only two patties and all the In-N-Out fixings. Say hello to the Triple Triple, nine patties in all, from Jake's Wayback Burger. The East Coast chain is moving west, soon setting up shop in Santa Ana and Ventura, probably with more locations if those work out. That $12.99 behemoth above isn't the only signature item - it was only added to the regular menu after a burger eating contest last year - but also the Cheesy Burger with an inverted bun, a bbq crunch burger, and a double bacon Jake Burger (which all sound like Carl's Jr. anyway). With more than 62 locations across the country now, Jake is deep in expansinon mode. [Burger Business via LAW]


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