2/03/2013 11:57:00 AM

Italian Week: A Saucy Look Back

Our first-ever Italian Food Week is coming to a close. Womp womp. Still hungry? Check out the full list of Italian-themed stories from this past week below.

Italian Food Survey: Favorite Pastas, Is Home Cooking Better?
Break Out the Parmesan, It's Italian Food Week!
The Hottest Italian Restaurants in the U.S.
Foodie Guide to 6 Must-Visit Regions
Chef's Guide to Italy: Insider Travel Tips From the Pros
Hold the Pepperoni: Exploring the World of Italian Vegan Cuisine
9 Pricey Pastas From Around the U.S.
Italian or Not? Secrets of 5 Debatably Italian Dishes
The 9 Most Annoying Italian Food Trends
Zagat Live: Italian Food Week Edition
A Bartender's Guide to Italian Spirits
The Most Annoying Italian Decor Trends
The Top Italian Restaurants in 25 Cities
Anne Burrell Q&A

New York's 12 Best Italian Restaurants
New Italian Icons: 10 Must-Try NYC Dishes
Italian Week Scandals: Does Batali Have a Health Inspector Alarm?
Eataly Expansion: Inside the Italian Market's Success and Expansion Plans
Chef Secrets: How to Make the Perfect Stracciatella Cheese
Italian Week Wine: Vino Picks From Babbo's Wine Director
Little Italy Survival Guide: 5 Mulberry Street Restaurants Worth Visiting
Regional Dining Guide: Eat Across Italy At These NYC Restaurants
Eataly Alternatives: 6 Must-Try Italian Neighborhood Markets

5 Best Italian Restaurants Around LA
10 Restaurants for Your Red-Sauce Fix Around LA
Top 5 Italian Deals for DineLA
Valentino's Piero Selvaggio and the "Biggest Gift of Italian Gastronomy"
10 Must-Try Pastas Dishes Around LA

Chicago's 5 Best Italian Restaurants
Sandwich Smackdown: How Do Chicago's Italian Subs Stack Up?
Pasta Primer: 10 Must-Try Noodles (And Where to Find Them in Chicago)
Making Noodles With Pasta Puttana's Jessica Volpe
85 Years of the Italian Village: Q&A With Owner Gina Capitanini

10 Greater Boston Italian Neighborhood Gems
5 Best Northern Italian Restaurants in the Boston Area
Erbaluce Chef, Charles Draghi, Cooks of the "Italian Vernacular"

5 Best Italian Restaurants in the Bay Area
Best (Italian) Thing We Ate For Lunch: Cupola's Dome Salad
11 Amazing Pasta Makers in the Bay Area (And Their Secrets)

5 Best Italian Restaurants in DC Metro
Take a Gastronomic Tour of Italy at These 12 Restaurants
5 Neighborhood Italian Gems in DC Metro

How to Shop the Italian Market in Philadelphia
The Great Debate: Sauce vs. Gravy
5 Must-Try Red-Sauce Restaurants in Philadelphia

3 Must-Try Italian Food Trucks
5 Best Italian Restaurants in London
The 5 Best Pizza Places in London
First Look: Cucina Asellina Opens on the Strand
Neighbourhood Italian Guide: 11 Must-Try Local Spots
5 Must-Try Pasta Dishes in London
Learn How to Make Franco Manco Pizza

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