2/25/2013 01:23:00 PM

Introducing Pizza da Solo, NYC's First Certified-Kosher Pie Shop

NYC pizza, Kosher edition.
Kosher dining is having a moment in NYC, and the latest entry to this arena is Pizza da Solo, a new pie shop opening today in the Sony Pavilion. The joint is from the owners of other Kosher favorites like Solo (located right next door) and Prime at The Bently. Here the Neopoltian pies will be prepared by chef Giulio Adriani, who managed to find a Kosher supplier for the special Caputo flour that ensures the perfect consistency.

The offerings are cooked in a wood-burning oven that heats up to 1,000 degrees, and all options on the menu are available as ten-inch circular pies. The restaurant will observe Shabbat and be closed Friday night and Saturday and in addition to being the city's first Kosher pizza spot, it is also Cholov Yisroel - which means that all dairy products have been milked under the observation of an observant Jewish person. The shop opens today at 550 Madison.


  1. Oven is most definitely not wood burning. Was there today

  2. Definitely not the first certified kosher pizza shop either. That is almost laughable, kosher pizza has been in NYC for decades.

  3. The article did not say the first Kosher pizza hop. It said first certified Kosher-PIE SHOP. Meaning they only sell full pies. I do not know of any other Kosher pie shops in the NY area.

  4. Saba's Pizza is kosher on the Upper East and they have excellent pizza!