2/11/2013 12:43:00 PM

Hot Diggity Introduces NJ Italian Hot Dog on Pizza Bread

South Street frank slingers Hot Diggity have collaborated with Nomad Pizza for a new special of the month, and it’s so popular it sold out within days. Fear not, however, because the NJ Italian Hot Dog will be returning very soon, and it’s worth putting on your must-try list - just check out our six-second Vine video of one being made.

The style originated in North Jersey as a way to use up leftover pizza dough and provide a quick snack for workers on the go, and was probably crass and heavy. Not this version - the “pizza bread” is much more flavorful than a plain old bun, and the whole package is about as artisanal (and delicious) as hot dogs come.

It starts with a quarter of a specially-made dough ring from Nomad, sliced in the middle to make an oversized but soft and spongy bun. A wiener from Newark is scored and then deep fried with fingerling potato coins. The dog goes over a bed of of slow-roasted peppers and onions and is then drizzled with beer mustard. On top of all that goes the potatoes, which are first tossed with garlic-infused, unfiltered olive oil.

This is only one of many creative combinations proprietor Keith Garabedian has come up with, and when we stopped in to try it, we found out another bit of news: the hot dog cart (not a truck) that was successfully funded via LuckyAnt last week will have a menu that's completely unique, different from what's available in the brick and mortar shop. Also, instead of fries, Garabedian will likely offer housemade potato chips, in multiple flavors.

Watch him make an NJ Italian below (click directly on it to replay or stop and start; Vine is a bit quirky since it’s so new). Stay tuned to Hot Diggity’s feed to find out when these $6 gems are back on the menu.


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