2/25/2013 05:48:00 PM

Sherry Yard's Helms Bakery Sweets Now Available at Father's Office

Just in case you can't live without Sherry Yard's sweets between now - she just finished work with Wolfgang Puck - and when she and Sang Yoon open their ambitious Helms Bakery at, well, the Helms Bakery Complex in Culver City, here's a tip: go to Father's Office. We slipped into the Santa Monica original yesterday and noted a chalkboard menu with three simple (and extremely inexpensive) desserts listed, and although we've never eaten anything sweeter than a beer at either FO, we couldn't resist.

Theres's the Do Ho, which is akin to a HoHo, except more like a sandwich cake filled with marshmallow cream and chocolate, not rolled; the banana cream pie ice cream pop; and the Helms OMG Cookie. Now, we're a sucker for anything that's Hostess-esque, and the Do Ho was enjoyable. But there is a reason why the OMG Cookie is called that: one bite into the sugar-coated cookie that's somewhere between a rich fudge brownie and a soft sugar cookie and all you can say is "Oh. My. God." It's that good.

The individually wrapped treats are only $1-$3, and available at both Father's Office locations. And check out the logo - it features the original Helms Bakery truck from days of yore. As for the new bakery? It's still on track for a fall opening.


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