2/05/2013 03:05:00 PM

Gordon Ramsay to Open a Restaurant with David Beckham

Whether it is football, fashion or modeling, the Beckham family seem to have the golden touch. Let's hope the lucky streak continues when footballer David Beckham and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay open their first restaurant together later this year.

Union Street Cafe - a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant near Borough Market - is the first new UK restaurant for Gordon Ramsay Holding since Bread Street Kitchen in 2011. This follows a few years of financial difficulties and family feuds so hopefully Beckham can work some of his magic to turn things around for the Hell's Kitchen chef.


  1. Ramsay doesn't really need Beckham to "turn things around." Gordon can take care of himself. I'm glad his cheating father-in-law is out of the picture and the Ramsays are back in England. Nonetheless, Beckham should be a fun partner for Gordon.

  2. He is an fenomenal,smart and a risk tackers man for me his working togethers with DB IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME...GOOD ON YOU GORDON.DJ