2/25/2013 03:53:00 PM

Get Your (Free!) Digital Guide To the Country's Best Coffee Houses

Tomorrow we're launching the results of our first-ever coffee survey, and today we've got a special surprise that will help you gear up for all of that caffeinated goodnes. We've put together a handly digital guide to some of the country's best Coffee Shops. You can access the guide here: www.zagat.com/coffeeweek, it also includes some custom editorial and pretty pictures. Actually, we think it sounds like great reading while you're sitting at your favorite shop enjoying a latte, don't you?

1 comment :

  1. I'm sorry, but this list is very poorly researched. Having been a barista in Chicago and Boston, as well as a resident of Los Angeles and New York, I am really disappointed by the lack of exceptional and deserving coffee shops in this guide. Just to name a few, where is Wormhole, Metropolis, Caffe Streets, Asado, Ch'ava, Buzz Killer Espresso, Gaslight, ipsento, Starlounge, Heritage Bicycle, and Big Shoulders in the Chicago section? Where is George Howell Coffeehouse, Barismo, Simon's, Espresso Royale, Cafe Fixe, Flack Black's, Sip Cafe, Diesel, Pavement, and Thinking Cup in Boston? What about Single Origin, Paper or Plastik, Coffee Commissary, Handsome Coffee, Intelligentsia Venice and Silverlake, and Cognoscenti Coffee in Los Angeles? And to not even mention Ritual in the San Fran section?? The only list that seems to actually represent is New York, and even then Everyman Espresso, Third Rail, and Think Coffee are left out. This guide paints a shallow and paltry picture of the vast amount of excellent coffee shops these cities have to offer. Call me a snobby barista, but it is irksome when quality cafes and roasters aren't given the credit they deserve.