2/08/2013 03:11:00 PM

Frysmith Turning Truck Pop-Up With Soup, Sandwiches and More

Launching and running a food truck isn't going to keep you in the game for too long. You need a long-term plan like turning it into a brick-and-mortar restaurant, or launching several trucks. Or you at least need a good gimmick. Enter Frysmith, which is still having a successful run as the truck serving deliciously gooey French fries covered in meats, cheeses, chilis, what have you. But according to Daily Dish, for four consecutive weeks, the truck will become it's own truck pop-up. Wait...a what?

Beginning the week of February 18, Frysmith will become Soupsmith serving things like miso soup with ground sesame, braised short ribs, Israeli couscous and vegetables. The week of February 25, it becomes Wichsmith to offer "whimsical sandwiches" like Italian sausage with deep-fried Brussels sprouts. The week of March 4, look for Quesadillasmith and its, yes, you guessed it, quesadillas. And on March 11, it's Wingsmith serving all types of wings. We're holding out for Corndogsmith. Keep an eye on its whereabouts via Twitter.


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