2/20/2013 10:00:00 AM

Foodie Favorites: New York's 8 Trendiest Restaurants

Beef at Takashi
Some people call them foodies. Others say restaurant addicts, industry obsessives or compulsive diners. Whatever name you use, these folks like to go to a specific type of place. The food has to be good, but also interesting, showcasing new trends and different methods of execution. The vibe has to be warm and welcoming - so egalitarian, in fact, that many of these joints don't even bother with reservations (waiting for your table is a badge of honor).

Though these folks might be easy to poke fun of (ahem, Portlandia), there's no doubt that they know quality, and you're bound to be impressed if you visit their favorite venues. Click through the slide show to see where you can eat out when you want to geek out.


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