2/22/2013 03:00:00 PM

Food in Motion: Is Vine the New Instagram?

Watch a step-by-step sandwich video on Vine

The social media savvy foodie may have noticed an increase in static videos replacing blurry shots of hamburgers. (Yes, we too are guilty of posting one too many poorly lit pastries on the Internet). A new app called Vine has foodies sharing videos of their eating excursions, from the pouring of a glass of wine to the devouring of a slice of pizza. Who needs dining companions when the World Wide Web can watch you stuff your face?

The videos contain shorts clips abruptly spliced together into a six second short film. Although watching the video more than once does induce a bit of nausea and possibly an epileptic seizure, this video from J.P. Graziano’s is one of the more visually appealing. It shows Jim Graziano assembling a very meaty sub. He carefully layered slices meat and cheese before slathering bread with mayo and topping the sandwich with lettuce and tomato.

What do you think of this new medium - have any other videos whet your appetite like this sandwich? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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