2/05/2013 10:00:00 AM

Five Things You Need To Know About the Salsa Truck’s First Lunch

Get in line folks. Today, for the first time, a food truck legally allowed to cook food onboard heats up the grills. While the temperature may not scream, "let's eat some tacos outside," this historic day is sure to draw a crowd. Here is what you need to know to snag some fresh street eats from The Salsa Truck.

1. It’s legal: Most importantly, and the statement we cannot repeat enough, is that this is the first truck operating in the Chicago with a mobile food preparers license. This means, not only can they peddle food from the truck, but also cook it onboard. Do not call the food truck police when the smell of sizzling meat hits your nose. It is one giant step for the Chicago food truck scene that remains in the dark ages compared to other cities.

2. The location: Today, it parks at 600 W. Chicago Avenue, also known as outside of the Groupon headquarters in east River North. Later this week, the truck will appear at The Green Exchange and University of Chicago.

3. The time: The Salsa Truck is scheduled to arrive today at 11:45 AM and sling tacos until 1:45 PM.

4. The food: Entrees include tacos and quesadillas, which can be ordered individually or as a combo with chips, two salsas and a beverage. The five filling options include skirt steak in mojo marinade, chicken in adobo, shrimp with pineapple achiote as well as potatoes with vegetables. Check out the full menu here.

5. The salsas: In addition to hot food, they will sell a dozen varieties of housemade salsas. Their classic house salsa inspired the truck's name, and led to more elaborate creations such as roasted serrano and jalapeño as well as sweet escabeche with pickled red onions.


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