2/05/2013 10:48:00 AM

First Look: Pennsylvania 6, Now Soft Open Near Herald Square

The attractive restaurant offerings of the burgeoning NOMAD district pretty much stop at 30th Street, just past the Ace and Eventi Hotels. One new eatery is trying to bring the crowds one more block uptown, offering a new draw in the no man's land that is the area around Penn Station.

Pennsylvania 6 should be a crowd pleaser for commuters who don't want to imbibe in the bowels of the train station. The airy, 5,500 sq. ft. space takes its cues from old-New York spots like the Oak Room, and Oyster Bar while incorporating more Midtown friendly touches like a sixteen ft. high "media wall" with dozens of screens that will show sports and events. The bar also promises to add a screen that will display the schedules from the nearby station, so guests will have no excuse for missing their schedule (except, of course, all of those drinks).

The menu features crowd-pleasing American fare like brick-oven pizzas, sliders served on buns from Balthazar bakery and offerings from an extensive raw bar. The grub can be enjoyed with a selection of classic cocktails an a California-centric vino selection. The joint is in soft-open mode right now, and is looking forward to an official debut on February 13 (132 W 31st St.; 212-727-3666).


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