2/27/2013 01:30:00 PM

First Look: Longman & Eagle’s Off Site Bar Opens Tomorrow

It’s a garage, a sausage shop and brand new kitchen. But mostly the new space opening adjacent to the patio of Longman & Eagle is a bar. It has the very clever name “Off Site Bar” or OSB for short. The narrow space seats sixteen in the back of the restaurant. In the summer, a garage door will open to the patio for sitting in the sun.

For now, it is open Thursday through Saturday beginning at 5 PM. As of March 16, it will open at 11 AM for the Saturday Sausage Shop. The pop-up restaurant will showcase chef Matthew “Skittles” Sliwinski’s gift with encased meats. Two to three varieties of sausages will be served to stay or to go, such as the venison sausage they had last summer at their block party.

The bar will act as an overflow area for the main restaurant with a limited cocktail menu, a few beers on tap and focus on beers in cans. The small space still feels like a reclaimed garage, as it's fitted with wood tables, metal chairs and a salvaged motorcycle. The owners assured us that they removed the spark plug from the still functional bike for the safety of drunken hipsters.


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