2/04/2013 04:26:00 PM

First Look: The LCL, Now Slinging Organic Juice Cocktails in Midtown East

It was only a matter of time before someone took the juice craze to the next level and started adding booze. The Gerber Joint is debuting a new spot dubbed The LCL: Bar and Kitchen tonight in the The Westin New York Grand Central, and juices from Organic Avenue will be served during the day (along with Stumptown coffee and other breakfast grub). At night, some of those same juices will be used to mix up libations - which are surely healthier than the normal boozy options being served at other hotel bars - or at least that's what we'll tell ourselves as we order a second round. The cold-pressed beverage selection includes drinks like the Green Dream, a mix of Organic Avenue Giving Green, Apple and Lemon juices mixed with crop organic cucumber vodka. The food menu contains upscale pub grub like organic deviled eggs and a burger with LaFreida burger.

The space opens today - it's about a block away from the Terminal if you need to booze-ify yourself before the evening commute (212 East 42nd St.; 212-405-4399).


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