2/13/2013 10:00:00 AM

First Look: Kuma's Too Unleashes Heavy Metal Burgers in Lincoln Park

There were a lot of confused faces when Kuma's Corner broke the news that they would open a second location Lincoln Park at the aptly selected address 666 W. Diversey Parkway. How would a rag tag gang of tattoo-covered, burger-slinking rockers adapt to new surroundings? Would that notorious line have the same lure when it stretches down the street in front of an Akira?

Enter the building an immediately notice that this is not your mama’s Kumas; high ceilings and bright orange ombre walls (do not tell them we called the walls that) surround the boxy space. A large bar decorated with Slayer skateboards lines one wall and a black leather booths booth below Metallica posters sits against the opposite. According to operations, Luke Tobias said they toned-down a bit to not upset the neighbors - toned down being that they put the half-naked-women art in the back hallway leading to the restrooms.

This location many not seem logical, but owner Mike Cain has a sixth sense when it comes to running his business. The method to his madness led to one successful restaurant, and after turning down offers to open a second location in Chicago and across the country, he waited until he found a space that would be right.

Check out the menu and the new set of rules at Kuma's Too, open today.

666 W. Diversey Pkwy.; 773-472-2666


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