2/04/2013 11:30:00 AM

First Look: Flour & Stone Brings East Coast Pizza to Streeterville

In case Chicago, Neapolitan, Quad-Cities, New Haven and New York City varieties were not enough for you, a Brooklyn-style pizzeria opens today in Streeterville.

Flour & Stone describes its pizza as an artisan East Coast pie with chewy thin-crust, filled with bubbles and topped with a tangy sauce. Each pie is cooked in a 600-degree oven and served with simple toppings such as mushrooms, fresh basil or bacon (it may be an import, but they need some Midwestern flavor).

For an oven-to-table experience, pull up a stool at the counter that seats five and overlooks the pizza-prep station as well as the fire-filled oven. Additional seating is available on the ground floor with windows overlooking the street. There are also two more floors with tables and televisions to watch sports.

Each 13-inch pizza serves one to two people. Flour & Stone also serves salads and offers carryout.

355 E. Ohio St.; 312-822-8998


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