2/14/2013 03:24:00 PM

Fertile Bar Snack for Valentine’s Day at South Philadelphia Tap Room

Chef Scott Schroeder has come up with what may be the most appropriate February 14 dish of all. No, nothing having to do with lobster, oysters, steak or even chocolate. This bar snack, available tonight for $3 at the South Philadelphia Tap Room, pairs the most female ingredient with the most male of all ingredients to make a tasty couplet.

On the lady side of things is the egg, naturally - in this case a fried quail egg. It’s on the gentleman’s tip that things get a bit unusual. The main part you see in the photo above is actually cod milt, aka seminal fluid, aka sperm.

Milt is considered a delicacy in Japanese and Russian cuisine, but it’s not often found in American food. Nonetheless, it’s very similar to caviar in flavor, and Schroeder dredged his in flour, fried it in olive oil and brown butter lemon sauce with capers, garlic and chili flake, and is serving it on garlic toast. Topped with an egg. Because, Valentine’s Day (215-271-7787).


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