2/13/2013 02:24:00 PM

Fast Food Review: Pizza Hut Big Pizza Sliders

Pizza Hut recently added Big Pizza Sliders to their menu, so naturally, we had to check them out. We ordered them via a very cool and user-friendly mobile site to schedule a delivery for later in the day. (Did you know that was even possible? We didn’t.) A box of nine sliders showed up at the door exactly on time, holding a trio of plain cheese, three topped with pepperoni and three with sausage, peppers and mushrooms.

The first thing you notice is that Big Pizza Sliders are not big. They’re little. Much smaller than a even a personal pan pizza. Maybe they’re big if you’re feeding them to your cat? A cat would probably love batting these around, but the dough pucks would leave trails of grease all over your floor, so we don’t recommend it. However, that could be the reason they’re also called sliders - otherwise these have nothing to do with sliders as we know them. Sliders are cute mini hamburgers or pulled pork sandwiches in little adorable buns. These are pizzas.

Getting past the name, Pizza Hut tells you that “the circle is the new slice.” The idea is if you’re sharing with a group, you can customize the little pies in many different ways, and not be forced to eat toppings your friends love but you hate. Great plan. But: circles are most definitely not bite-friendly like the tip of a slice. At least not when they have inch-high crusts. You could cut your gums on these things. We decided to cut them in half for easy eating.

Cut in half, you can see Big Pizza Sliders are mostly dough. The crust is like Pizza Hut’s pan pizza crust, which is airy on the inside and buttery-crusty on the edges, in a good way. Except that sliders have much more “edge” than a regular pie, so as greasily tasty as the dough is, there's too much of it. The batch we got had hardly any sauce at all, though the toppings were super fresh - the pepperoni wasn’t burnt, and the green peppers even had snap.

Were they better than Pizza Hut pizza? If you hate a soggy bottom pie, just order some extra sauce on the side, and possibly extra cheese, and these will make you happy. They were actually a lot like focaccia, and we had the idea that if you put a few slices of American cheese in the middle of two of them, you could make a killer grilled cheese sandwich. Or maybe even use them as a bun for a burger - now THAT would be a Big Pizza Slider, for reals.


  1. I love the review...im still laughing....very good job!

  2. I'm glad I found this funny review. you made me laugh and consequently changed my mind about ordering these!

  3. My sliders were horrible. All crust and I had to look for the toppings. I slider had one partial piece of pepperoni and nothing else. I ordered mushrooms and onions on some but they weren't on any of the nine. Most of the toppings were loose in the box and burnt. They were mostly crewy, greasy crust. A real disappointment and I will not order these again.

  4. these were delicious bring them back. just one or two filled me up, if you think they are too small your a fat ass.