2/15/2013 04:59:00 AM

El Bulli to Reopen for a Month

Yes, it is true, El Bulli - Ferran Adrià award-winning, sold out restaurant in Spain that closed its doors last year -  is set to reopen for a month for Hollywood's sake.

Jeff Kleeman, producer of El Bulli, the dramatic fictional adaptation of Lisa Abend's The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli told The Daily Meal, "Whoever we hire to portray Ferran, and whoever ends up directing the movie, is going to get to have quite an experience, which is that Ferran is going reopen El Bulli for one month."

Adrià wants to train the actors and directors showing them exactly how the restaurant functioned to make the movie as authentic as possible. Kleeman added, "To think that I could have a part in resurrecting El Bulli for one more month to give people that one last opportunity to dine there, that makes me almost as happy as being able to make the movie."


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