2/22/2013 01:06:00 PM

Eat This: Salmon Belly With Golden Egg at Vernick

During our StarChefs giveaway contest, we highlighted a reader entry that used Gregory Vernick’s featured dish to poke a bit of fun at Philadelphia. However, after sampling the salmon belly with golden egg last night, we’re convinced it does represent the Philly food scene - not because of any negative connotation, but because of how great it is.

A perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg is deep-fried with a golden panko crust. When punctured with a fork, the yolk oozes over the smoked salmon belly, which has been cured with pepper, anise and citrus. Thanks to the final ingredient, a Parmesan vinaigrette, the resulting bite is spicy and silky and crunchy and tangy. The dish is currently a special at Vernick Food & Drink for $12 (267-639-6644).


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