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Eat This, Do This, Drink This: Philly Weekend Planner, February 22-24

Could the winter doldrums be nearing an end? There’s finally a real holiday to celebrate (yes, we’re talking about National Margarita Day, tequila lovers represent). There’s also a beer festival - did we actually make it through a whole month without one? - and a masquerade party to attend. While you’re trying to stay interested in the Academy Awards, consider a new category, Best Bar Scene, and read up on the Modernist Cuisine author’s talk to real life scientists.

Eat This

Tamales at Distrito
In addition to Herradura Supreme margaritas in glasses signed by Jose Garces, the West Philly cantina will put out several special dishes for a special National Margarita Day 4-7 PM happy hour on Friday, including a recipe from the Iron Chef’s recent cookbook. Tamales con mole poblano brings two of the husk-wrapped masa cakes with pulled chicken, drizzled with mole sauce. Also on offer will be special alambres - skewers of marinated chicken or hangar steak. All the dishes run $4-$8. If you want to be sure to make it home after the tequila, tasty tamales are there to save you (215-222-1657).

Chicken Fried Duck and Waffles at The Pickled Heron
Chicken and waffles is nothing new, but what about swapping in rich duck for the regular fowl? That’s what Todd Braley and Daniela D'Ambrosio have done at this Kensington BYO. The breaded and fried game is placed over Belgian waffles dotted with a creamy sausage gravy for an updated take on an old classic, served as a special 11 AM-3 PM at Sunday brunch (215-634-5666).

Do This

Philly Bierfest
German beer is experiencing a renaissance, and the second annual installment of this fest is bigger than ever. On Saturday from 1-5 PM, the historic building of the German Society of Pennsylvania on Spring Garden turns into a beer hall. More than 15 local breweries will be pouring German-inspired beers, and Brauhaus Schmitz will provide snacks to go along. Look for homebrewing demos, live bluegrass music and a special German import lounge run by The Foodery. Advance tickets are $45 and are available here.

Paris Wine Bar Masquerade Party
This Saturday will mark one year since Terry Berch McNally and chef Michael McNally expanded next door from London Grill and opened this French-inspired wine bar that serves only local wine, and only from the tap. To celebrate the pair is hosting a masquerade party from 7 PM-midnight, featuring complimentary hors d’oeuvres for anyone who shows up in a mask. Winemakers will be in attendance to chat, and guests can also nibble on a series of new $5 blackboard specials (215-978-4545).

Read This

How to Freak Out a Foodie
Modernist Cuisine author and uber-chef Nathan Myhrvold made a stop at a science conference over the weekend, and wowed the crowd of academics with his high-tech food habits. ScienceNow recaps his speech, including a story of how he horrified - but impressed - a Spanish duke by “hyperdecanting” his wine in a blender.

The Academy Award Goes to the Bar
At Table Matters, cocktail master Derek Brown makes the argument that there really should be an Oscar for best bar scene, and recounts his suggestions for nominees over the past quarter century. Which would you vote for, Michael Fassbender’s Nazi spy misstep in Inglorious Bastards or Joe Pesci’s freakout with a pen in Goodfellas?


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