2/12/2013 03:48:00 PM

Drop Everything and Enjoy Oyster Beer and Oysters Now at Magnolia

If you're reading this, step away from your computer and considering swinging by the Magnolia Pub in the Haight where a full-on beer, oyster and Mardi Gras party is underway right now until 5 PM. The kitchen is shucking seven different kinds of oysters served on the half shell ($2.50 each) along with oyster classics such as po' boys ($15) and gumbo ($16). But where it really gets interesting is that they're pouring over seven different kind of oyster beers--yes, we're talking beers in which the shells, liqueur and even oyster meat is added to the mash and boil of the brews.

Head beer master Ben Spencer explains that the making of oyster beer is very traditional in England and Ireland, as was originally done to try to extract the calcium chloride of the shells as a way of softening the water. Magnolia ups the ante by adding the meat and liqueur to the boil to its Oysterhead Stout to import even more oyster-y flavor. A portion of the proceeds of today's oyster extravaganza will go to the Drake's Bay Oyster Company's legal defense fund so if you love oysters, want to help save Drake's Bay and are curious what an oyster beer taste like (from Magnolia as well blends from 21st Amendment, Lagunitas, HenHouse Brewing, Mill Valley Beer Works, Cerveceria de Mateveza, and Thirsty Bear/Pacific Brewing Laboratory), get to Haight Street tout de suite. The party (which is part of SF Beer Week) goes on until 5 PM or when until oysters run out. The Oysterhead Stout will be available on tap at Magnolia for other one or two weeks (1398 Haight St; 415-864-7468).


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