2/26/2013 01:00:00 PM

Drake's Bay Oyster Farm Not Shutting Down (Yet); Gets A Reprieve

That's one large oyster, courtesy of Drake's Bay
It’s not over yet for Drake's Bay Oyster Farm, the California oyster farm responsible for at least one-third of the state’s oysters and supplier to some of the Bay Area’s top restaurants. The farm was ordered by the US Interior Department to shut down its operation for good on March 1, but according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the 9th US Circuit of Appeals raised “serious legal questions” about the government’s action and granted it a stay of executive until mid-May when a different panel will hear its appeal.

The fight is hardly over as the bay had been earmarked to be converted into a protected marine wilderness as soon as the farm’s 40-year lease expired, but it does give the legal team some time to regroup and allows the rest of us oyster lovers more time to head out to their dockside oyster shack and enjoy their fantastic rocks. For more info on how to visit Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm and to follow it's legal saga, check out its website.


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