2/12/2013 05:41:00 PM

Don't Mess With Chefs: The Three Most Influential Figures in Food

Brendan Sodikoff
It is not news that Chicago is a city with a hearty appetite, but according to Chicago Magazine, a few food figures are doing more than just cooking. Their annual list of the "100 Most Powerful Chicagoans" included three members of the restaurant community. Grant Achatz, chef and partner of Aliena, Aviary and Next, landed at number 26. Restaurateur Brendan Sodikoff whose portfolio includes Gilt Bar, Maude's Liquor Lounge, Au Cheval, Bevette's Bar and Boeuf and Doughnut Vault earned a spot at number 85. Finally, the unofficial mayor of Chinatown, Tony Hu, who boasts 11 restaurants with two more in the works, barely made the cut at number 97.


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