2/11/2013 04:24:00 AM

Dish of the Day: Roast Beef Sundae at Meat Mission

When it comes to Yianni Papoutsis's restaurants (Meat Liquor, Meat Market) we've learnt to expect the unexpected. From jam jar cocktails to deep fried pickles and kitchen roll instead of napkins, the burger entrepreneur is always one step ahead.

But we definitely didn't see this Roast Beef Sundae coming. Now available at his new joint, Meat Mission in Hoxton, the wonderfully inventive meat dish is made up of garlic mash, topped with roast beef, gravy, crispy onions and horseradish cream and finished off with a cherry tomato. It looks like an ice cream and - just as you wouldn't expect - tastes delicious!

Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Bowles

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  1. Wow!That's definetely interesting hehe. I have to admit it looks stunning. Thanks for the review!
    Le Grumeau