2/06/2013 10:00:00 AM

Danny Shapiro’s One-Man Gin Conquest of Chicago

Gin, Malort and sweet vermouth cocktail at Scofflaw
First, The Violet Hour teamed up with Letherbee for their house made Malort - bright yellow, bitter booze taking after Chicago’s cult classic spirit. Now, bartender Danny Shapiro and his team are throwing their hat in the ring with a house gin. Scofflaw’s Old Tom gin, made with North Shore Distillery, pushes the boundaries of over-proof at 90. It has a sweeter and rounder flavor than dry London gin. The spirit incorporates juniper, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, anise seed, citrus peel and osthmanthus blossom.

“I hate to use this word, it’s really luscious,” Shapiro told Time Out Chicago. The gin will debut at the bar on Sunday at 10 PM. Drink it as a shot, in a Tom Collins or Martinez cocktail.

More gin a la Shapiro will make an appearance at the Vintage Bazaar at DANK Haus on February 15. The night market, which includes two dozen fashion and home good vendors, will serve complementary cocktails from Scofflaw and one free taco from Big Star with the $20 admission ($35 for two people or $25 at the door).


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