2/05/2013 01:59:00 PM

Custom Beers Debut at Fette Sau on Thursday

Three months after opening, Fishtown BBQ joint Fette Sau is hitting its stride. The NYC transplant just garnered rave reviews from both the Inquirer’s Craig LaBan and Philadelphia Magazine’s Trey Popp, who heap praise on everything from the meat to the whiskey to the atmosphere. One more piece will fall into place this week, as two custom-brewed beers make their debut on the Frankford Avenue taps.

On Thursday, February 7, proprietor Joe Carroll will be in the house to tap Sly Fox PA Swankey - a historic regional specialty resurrected from 100 years ago - and Dock Street Teuton Porter, a hybrid top- and bottom-fermented German-inspired brew. Joining Carroll will be Sly Fox’s Brian O’Reilly and Dock Street’s Scott Morrison.

During the 7-9 PM release party, the new brews will be offered for $5 per pint or $20 per half-gallon, and a new smoked flank steak will be available for $18 per pound. Carroll doesn’t mess around when it comes to flavor, so you can expect to enjoy some fantastic new tastes (215-391-4888).


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