2/12/2013 04:31:00 PM

Counter Culture Coffee Tasters Challenge Comes to Philly

Coffee snobs, prepare your palates. On Monday, February 25, Counter Culture Coffee is hosting a taste-off dubbed the Cup Tasters Challenge. Starting at 7 PM, any bean aficionado can sign up for $5 and join the competition, held at the CCC training center at 22nd and Catherine.

Your mission, should you choose to compete, will be to suss out the unique brew in each of four sets of three cups of coffee. (Each set will have two identical cups and one made with a different variety.) Both accuracy and speed will be tested, so if you plan to win, make sure you’re quick on your toes - er, tongue. Cheering supporters are welcome to attend for free.

If you want to practice your Counter Culture ID-ing skills, you can find the Durham, NC roaster’s product brewed at various cafes around town, including Ultimo in South Philly and Mugshots in Fairmount or Brewerytown. May the best taster win.


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