2/26/2013 03:30:00 PM

8 Chocolate Chip Cookies Worth Blowing Your Diet For

It's Coffee Week, and we thought you'd like a little something sweet to go with that cup of joe. The world is a wonderful melting pot of an insane variety of personalities, but when it comes down to the basics, there are really only two breeds of humans: chocolate chip cookie people and oatmeal raisin cookie people. And regardless of how much oatmeal raisin loyalists swear by their mascot, and no matter how chewy those comforting pucks of sweet oats may be, we’re convinced that nothing can realistically compete with the pure genius of the combination of chocolate chips and golden dough.

Despite the sheer simplicity of its butter-sugar-flour-egg base, the remarkable thing about the chocolate chip cookie is the infinite variety made possible by slight alterations to a recipe that’s been around for almost a century. Even more mind-blowing? The cookie tastes just as decadent raw as it does baked (if not more). So if you’re like us and classify yourself as chocolate chip cookie people, check out our favorites below to get your fix in NYC.


  1. What the hell good is a slide show on the best chocolate chip cookies if you don't give the location of the shops selling them?

  2. @Anonymous Each shop has a link to a Google+ page with address. And if you didn't notice that, you could always Google the names...