2/25/2013 03:29:00 PM

Coffee Talk: Grinds With Roy Choi

Photo by L. Balla

In honor of Coffee Week, we'll be checking in with a few food personalities every day to see what, where and when they're drinking the java. First up is Roy Choi, he of Kogi, A-Frame, Sunny Spot and Chego fame. Choi's no stranger to the coffee game: having trucked to just about every corner of the city, he finds his fuel in some of the best coffeeshops and bars. But his favorite? It has nothing to do with any of those. Read on for more.

When do you have your first cup of coffee?
In the morning, but I don't drink coffee everyday.

What do you drink?
"Why oh why do I drink cappuccino?" - MC Lyte

Coffeeshop or home?
Depends on how my day starts.

Do you have a favorite coffeeshop?
That's a set up, right? Handsome got the best espresso. Cog [Cognoscenti Cafe] got the nice cortado and coffee. LAMILL kills the Evo game. That Intelligentsia iced coffee is murder. Coffee Bean got them blenders. But my favorite is drinking NesCafe with my Kogi crew in the downtown morning mist.

How many cups to you drink a day?
Depends on if I smoke or not.

Coffee goes best with... El Salvadorian Quesadillas

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