2/27/2013 12:30:00 PM

Coffee Survey: Surveyors Aren't Concerned with Coffee Geekery

Single-origin, certified organic, fair trade - cue the Portlandia sketches - these terms are used by coffee snobs  lovers everywhere to denote various standards of quality in their brews. In our first-ever Coffee Survey we polled users about how important these various terms are when it comes to their cup of joe and it turns out - most folks aren't too bothered. 75% of surveyors considered it 'very important' or 'extremely important' that their coffee beans were 'freshly roasted' - the percentage is slightly higher in the West, with 81% considering it a top priority.

Meanwhile, as for "fair trade," only 35% considered it very or extremely important with 34% considering it "somewhat important." Only 23% considered it very/extremely important for their beans to be "single origin" and only 19% cared about it being "certified organic." So guess all these geeky coffee terms really aren't that important to the average joe. Check out the rest of our survey results right here.


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