2/26/2013 11:03:00 AM

Coffee Survey Results: Your Caffeine Consumption, by the Numbers

Turns out that daily cup of coffee is a daily 2.2 cups, according to our first-ever coffee survey, which delved into the java-drinking habits of over 1,700 caffeine fiends. Not only do people love that daily cup, they are unwilling to do without it - our survey found that a large majority of beanheads won't give up one drop of brew, even when times are financially tough. Click through the slide show to see coffee-world debates resolved - is iced better than hot? How much is too much to spend? Which artificial sweeteners are the best?

There's a lot of pretension in the coffee world, and you didn't hesitate to sound off about the most annoying trends - see that list here.


  1. I'd like to put in a word for decaf drinkers. Everyone does not skip the decaf. I don't, and I know almost as many decaf drinkers as caffeine "fiends." Moreover, any place that advertises good coffee better have a good quality Swiss Water Processed decaf or my husband and I won't be stopping. He drinks caffeinated coffee and is quite discriminating, but won't go anywhere that I can't get a good cup of decaf.

    Many people cannot tolerate caffeine but love the taste of good coffee. Those who are pregnant, recovering from heart surgery, with allergies and just cannot tolerate caffeine. A good cup of coffee is not just for those who need a caffeine fix; it's also for those who have a sophisticated coffee palate but don't like what the caffeine does to them.

  2. I am also a coffee lover. I like the flavor very much. Usually I have 5-6 cups weekly.

  3. There is no replacement to the flavor and mood altering capabilities of coffee, but addiction and bad effects of caffein are the heartbreakers, but there seems to be a solution, I have recently visited a site: jumpstart.in where they are talking about a app for recharging and energizing, they are yet to release the app but they are giving on selective basis the beta version, i tried one, beauty is just going through the process of 10 min after waking up in morning and later during office time it gave all the benefits which i expected from a hot cup of coffee, after doing this process i do took a cup of hot coffee enjoying the flavor ,and was amazed, first i did not feel need for coffee but aroma attracted me, simply enjoying aroma was enough to to satiate me, 3-4 sips was enough for me to feel happy and enjoyed ,i did not drink after that and felt so good mood