2/26/2013 07:17:00 PM

Coffee of the Day: Stumptown French Press

Just as Jason Bernstein said, sometimes coffee at home is a simple pleasure. We picked up a bag of Stumptown - soon coming to a Downtown neighborhood near you - at the Market on Holly in Pasadena, probably while sipping something from Handsome Coffee Roasters at the counter (both are used there). When we saw the "Guatemalan Finca el Injerto - Bourbon" tag, we thought we hit the jackpot with a whiskey-spiked coffee. Bonus! It is, however, where the coffee is grown and harvested, which, according to the label, helps develop a smooth coffee with hints of chocolate, lime, melon and cognac. We don't get all that (we're learning), but with a fresh grind, hot water and sunny yellow cup, it's was certainly the perfect start to the day.


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