2/28/2013 07:11:00 AM

Coffee of the Day: Flat White at Flat White

What is a flat white? This Antipodean-style coffee, now a staple at cafes all over London, is made with a strong shot of espresso served with velvety textured milk. Think of a latte with less milk or a cappuccino without the froth. Predictably nowhere in London makes a better one than Soho coffee house Flat White.

17 Berwick St., W1F 0PT; 020 7734 0370

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  1. Being from south india , I have a preference for good coffee. I was at Flat White yesterday (27/2) at 7.55 am just as the shop opened. I was blown away by the quality of the flat white coffee. I had a cappuccino as well and that was great as well. I would recommend this place to any coffee fan, like I was recommended by one. The board said the beans are from Honduras.