2/27/2013 03:00:00 PM

Coffee 101: Get Schooled Along the Blue Line

By Sarah Freeman
Just because we have a cup of coffee permanently attached to our hand does not make us snobs or know it alls. Always a fan of learning something new about the food and drink we consume, we took a turn on the Blue Line Coffee Crawl. The crawl is held once a month (at the crack of dawn on a Saturday) and visits three local coffee shops. Needless to say, the 10 or so participants on each crawl are very well caffeinated after the three hour tour.

It is hosted by Caffentures, a small business run by coffee expert Jenn Chen. Chen picked up an encyclopedia’s worth of coffee knowledge through a brief roasting internship with Paramount Coffee, curating the website Chicago Coffee Scene and working at a local coffee shop. She taps friends in the industry for each crawl to share knowledge on beans, roasting, equipment and, of course, the perfect cup of coffee. Our crawl visited Gaslight, Ipsento and Caffe Streets along the Blue Line. For now, this is the only line featured in the coffee drawl, but Chen hopes to expand to more train lines and coffee shops in the future.


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