2/22/2013 05:32:00 PM

Cocktail Hour: Treaty Oak Platinum Rum in Austin

Austin’s more than just a drinking town. It’s also a city that produces almost enough liquor to satisfy its unquenchable thirst. That’s why each week we want to highlight a local spirit maker that keeps our spirits up in more ways than one.

First up is Treaty Oak Platinum Rum. The rum’s smoothness has been compared to high-end vodka, which Treaty Oak Distillery Co. owner Daniel Barnes and lead distiller Chris Lamb achieve by distilling the liquor five times. “I like it because it’s made with South Texas sugar cane,” says Jessie Griffiths of Dai Due, the local butcher shop and supper club that is known for using hyperlocal products. Sugar from Santa Rosa, Texas, is boiled down to rum-black molasses, which Treaty Oak then uses to make its spirit.

Griffiths has other reasons for liking the rum too: “It’s a legitimate local distilled beverage, as opposed to the vodkas, which are genetically modified grains distilled into alcohol.” The rum pairs well with regional flavors like citrus juices and sweet lime. For example, Griffith’s go-to drink is a Cuba Libre with Treaty Oak Rum, Maine Root’s Mexicane Cola and a squeeze of fresh lime. Find the rum around town at the best bars, restaurants and retailers.



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