2/20/2013 02:44:00 PM

Chicago's Felony Franks Coming to LA, Misdemeanor Dogs and All

Just when you think the food truck fray has hit a speed bump, another new one pops up. Look for the Felony Franks truck to hit the streets soon March 1, bringing Chicago-style dogs served by ex-offenders. When owner Jim Andrews open the stand in Chicago, he hit a few road blocks, as in some government officials and neighbors weren't happy having ex-cons running a restaurant in their neighborhood. Pfft. That's nothing for LA, where at-risk youth, ex-gang members and the recently incarcerated are running your neighborhood cafe (think: Homeboy Industries and Homegirl Cafe).

But it sounds like Andrews got some gruff not just for hiring those looking for a second chance, but for celebrating the prison lifestyle with menu names like Misdemeanor Wiener, Cell Mate Dog, "Probation" burgers, "Warden" specials and "Hung Jury" suggestions, like a grilled chicken sandwich. And maybe for having a smiling hot dog in stripes with a ball and chain attached to it. Cute! He sued the city just to hang his sign (and won), but the alderman finally wond out and Felony Franks closed last June. But just like Andrews giving a new life to ex-offenders, his jail-inspired hot dogs will live on in a city more welcoming to the thug life. The irony? The guy he licensed the first Felony Franks truck to is named Dennis Justice. Justice, indeed. [CBS Chicago]

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  1. Thank you Lesley, for getting it! BTW "Homeboy Bakery" is providing our truck with all of our bakery goods. and our first three employees that have graduated the program at "Homegirl Cafe". We will also offer some retail products from their store. I love Chicago, but can't wait to prove that Los Angeles really is, "The City Of The Angels."