2/14/2013 12:02:00 PM

Chefs Prepare for Burger Bash as the South Beach Wine and Food Fest Approaches

Josh Capon's Bash Burger
Next week, we're going to be down in Miami to cover the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival, the multi-day extravaganza that sees everyone in the food world converge in the sun-drenched town to see just how pasty they are after all of those days spent in the prep kitchen. But right now (instead of purchasing much-needed sunscreen), the culinary set are preparing their burgers for Burger Bash, the battle royale of the festival, and we got a sneak peek at the menu. You can gander what to expect at the festival here, and tune in next week for all of our coverage, but for now, look below at some of our  picks for early Bash favorites:

Josh Capon: This NYC chef will be in the house with his B&B Bash Burger, which recently won the same competition at last year's NYCWFF. Miami chefs, the dude is prepared to represent, so you better watch out.

Michael Symon: Capon will have to battle Iron Chef Symon, who will represent with his BSpot French onion burger. Symon has won the event multiple times, and will be the defending champion going in.

Michael White: The secret threat at this year's competition has to be White, who won the judge's choice at NYC's Bash and will soon be opening The Butterfly in NYC. Can his tater tots woo the crowd?

Burger geeks can check out the full lineup here:


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