2/11/2013 02:21:00 PM

George Sabatino Leaving Stateside to Open His Own Restaurant

Sabatino and Conley
Philly’s most-lauded chef of 2012 is stepping away from his kitchen. Over the weekend, The Insider broke the news that George Sabatino has given notice at Stateside, and will cook there for just 30 days more. The reason for Sabatino’s departure from the East Passyunk New American? So he can open his own place with fiancĂ©e Jenn Conley, who had designed the drinks program at Stateside.

Sabatino has been flooded with inquiries about his plans, but he still has an acclaimed kitchen to run for the next month - including an ultra busy Valentine’s Day dinner this week - so he doesn’t have time to get back to everyone. Instead, we had a chance to chat with Conley, who dropped a few details about what the duo is planning.

A perfect location has yet to be found, but it will be in Philadelphia somewhere. The restaurant will be both “very chef-driven and front-of-the house driven,” and will serve the kind of food Sabatino has become known for, although perhaps slightly more “composed” than the pub-friendly dishes at Stateside. He also has plans to make even more ingredients in-house from scratch.

The new spot will have a bar, ideally, featuring the beverage program Conley originally envisioned for Stateside. That means a largely American-made spirits collection, along with housemade vermouths, bitters, syrups and shrubs. The pair is aiming to have around 40 seats, though nothing is formally set, since they don’t yet have a space.

“In the end, it’s all about George’s food,” Conley said simply, “My job is to run the front of the house, the bar and the business, so all George has to do is cook. And he’ll get to cook exactly what he wants, since he’ll be the owner. We’re extremely excited.”


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