2/27/2013 01:01:00 PM

Check Out This Taco Map for SXSW

You may have heard of this little festival called SXSW coming up. And though breakfast tacos are Austin’s official food year round, the Tex-Mex torpedoes take on a special significance during SXSW week.

Thank goodness Taco Journalism has published a list of where to get breakfast tacos north, south, east and west. Check out the honest opinions, such as at Cenote (“Shitty service. Great tacos and coffee”) and at Torchy’s (“Everyone is going to tell you to go here. It's decent, but not worth the crowds. Walk down to El Primo or La Mexicana and get twice the food for the same price.”).

The blog also provides a taco dictionary (“carne guisada: stewed meat usually with gravy”) and a list of “taco eating hints” (“unless otherwise stated, avoid the chicken tacos”). We now feel a bit more prepared to enter the madness that starts March 8.


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