2/14/2013 03:13:00 PM

Cafecito Organico Opens Sixth Location in Burbank Today

Watch out, Cafecito Organico is on a serious climb. The coffee outfit opens yet another John Sofio-designed (Built) space today, this time in the Disney Building on Alameda. The irony: It was formerly a Starbucks. After owners Angel Orozco and Mitch Hale partnered with Sofio, they have been on quite the expansion, first opnening a stylish new eco-friendly cafe in Malibu last summer, and then in in Costa Mesa. The Burbank shop will feature all of the same Guatemalan and El Salvadoran-sourced, LA-roasted coffees that are served at the Silver Lake and East Hollywood locations, as well as the Atwater Village, Hollywood and Silver Lake farmers markets (3800 W. Alameda Ave.).


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