2/11/2013 02:38:00 PM

Burro Bar in Davis Square (Quietly) Opens Tuesday

Taps at The Painted Burro; Burro Bar will also feature many craft brews.
Burro Bar may have quietly wanted to open tomorrow in Davis Square, Somerville, but reports from other bloggers and a FB posting about tasting some brews for the opening Tuesday night has let the proverbial gato out of the bag. 

The Burro Bar, brought to you by the same owner as The Painted Burro (which, by the way is closed Monday, February 11, but will reopen Tuesday) is an extension of the original restaurant at 219 Elm St. The owner knocked down a wall to create the adjacent casual bar concept, which will serve Mexican eats (a la Painted Burro) and feature a slew of fun and games like darts and a jukebox.

Expect a limited menu for food and drink to start as The Burro Bar is still waiting on some brews and brown liquors to be delivered. It will ramp up its offerings over the next few weeks.

Hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

217 Elm St., Somerville; 617-776-0005


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