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Boston's Booziest Brunches

Masa's Benedict and potatoes.
The party scene in Boston is not reserved for nighttime revelry; brunch is a big deal as well. Whether you prefer to wash down your eggs with cocktails at posh environs or in a cafe setting, there are a handful of worthy options to check out.

Craigie on Main
Food: 27
Decor: 23
Service: 26
Cost: $65
"Formidable culinary presence" Tony Maws presents "unforgettable dining" at this "compelling" Central Square "destination" where "obsessive attention" to "local, sustainable" ingredients (not to mention a "worship of pig") is obvious in his "luscious" French fare with "mind-boggling flavors"; "with all of this perfection, one might expect snobbery", but the staff's "seasoned professionals" are "hospitable" as they navigate the "lively", "unpretentious" setting, which includes a "fantastic bar" boasting "outstanding drinks" and an "excellent menu with pared-down prices" – but even the normally "costly" tabs are "worth every penny."

853 Main St.; 617-497-5511

Deep Ellum
Food: 23
Decor: 18
Service: 21
Cost: $25
With its “well-thought-out selection” of “rotating taps”, this “dark, simple” Allston haunt with an “awesome patio” is “a go-to for craft-beer lovers” who soak up the suds with Eclectic “gastropub delights” listed on a “limited, interesting menu”; “knowledgeable hipsters” wait on the “upscale hipster crowd” – in fact, “if you’re not a hipster”, you may “have a hard time getting a table” here!

477 Cambridge St.; 617-787-2337

Geoffrey's Cafe
Food: 22
Decor: 20
Service: 22
Cost: $27
After a stint in Roslindale Square, post-Survey this New American cafe moved back to the Back Bay, outdating the Decor score but serving the same “well-priced menu” of “delicious” “fancied-up comfort food” and “amazing, original” cocktails; also making the trip are many of the “friendly”, “attentive” staffers, who add to the “fun atmosphere”, especially during the weekend disco brunch.

142 Berkeley St.; 617-424-6711

Highland Kitchen
Food: 25
Decor: 20
Service: 23
Cost: $30
Somervilleans value the “variety of price points” available at this “bustling neighborhood joint” as much as they appreciate the “rich”, “scrumptious” seasonal New American preparations and the “amazingly creative cocktails” mixed up at the “buzzing” bar; “kind, efficient servers” work a “funky”, “cool” setting that’s often “positively mobbed”, especially during “fantastic” regularly scheduled “events like karaoke, live music and even a spelling bee.”

150 Highland Ave.; 617-625-1131

Food: 21
Decor: 21
Service: 20
Cost: $35
Woburn heat-seekers are “so glad” this “brightly decorated” “piece of Southwest heaven” “came to the suburbs” because, like the “lively”, “reliable” South End flagship, it’s “not afraid to make it spicy”; the “happiest of happy hours” draws droves for “bargain tapas” alongside a “fancy-shmancy tequila selection”, and the live bands on Thursdays make for “fun nights out”, but the “super-crowded” “brunch is where it’s at”, especially for “penny-pinching gourmands.”

439 Tremont St.; 617-338-8884

Metropolis Café
Food: 24
Decor: 21
Service: 22
Cost: $40
“Charming” and “romantic”, “tightly packed” yet “relaxed”, this South Ender with a “European feel” employs a “pleasant”, “attentive” staff to serve its “innovative”, “reliable” Eclectic cuisine “with a focus on seasonal ingredients”; “nice wines” and “gentle prices” are more reasons it’s a “regular habit” for “locals” and “pre-theater” diners alike.

584 Tremont St.; 617-247-2931

North Street Grille
Food: 24
Decor: 16
Service: 18
Cost: $34
Dinners are “spectacular”, but weekend brunch is flat-out “outstanding” at this “great” North End New American; though there’s “almost no decor” to speak of, nobody’s complaining, especially when the affordable bill comes.

229 North St.; 617-720-2010

Union Bar & Grille
Food: 24
Decor: 23
Service: 24
Cost: $46
“Linger in joyful conversation” in “tufted-leather circular booths” over “consistent”, “beautifully prepared” New American fare at this “gorgeous”, “clubby” South End “mainstay” with “smart service”; for being so “chic”, it’s quite affordable, with a “fabulous” prix fixe brunch that’s “one of the best” “deals” in the city.

1357 Washington St.; 617-423-0555


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