2/22/2013 12:35:00 PM

Bobby Flay Will NOT Be on Dancing With the Stars

So remember how this morning Hollywood Life reported that Bobby Flay was going on Dancing With the Stars? Well after attending a SoBe panel discussion with the chef, Flay confirms that there's absolutely no truth to the rumor. Although it turns out, Geoffrey Zakarian would be VERY interested in joining the cast. Here's the conversation:

Bobby Flay: My agent from William Morris calls me up and said to me, "you know it says on the internet that you're going to do Dancing with the Stars - it's not true right?" And I'm like "you're my agent, wouldn't you know?"

Michael Symon: Two more bloodies and some rap music and we could get you to do it right now.

Bobby Flay: I do like to dance but not on ABC. My daughter said it to me 'Dad it's the coolest show,' and I said to her here's the problem: it's flattering that the show of that magnitude would even ask me, but that show is so powerful that your dad is going to be known as that guy on Dancing with the Stars. Some guy came up to me and said I just want to tell you that I ate in your restaurant last night and it really inspired my son to want to be a chef.  And I said to my daughter, that's exactly what I want to continue to be. So I'm telling these guys this story this morning and out of nowhere I hear this from Zakarian: "I would love to do Dancing With the Stars!"

Michael Symon: He just wants to wear all the outfits. 

Bobby Flay: If there's any talent bookers for ABC, he's willing.

Geoffrey Zakarian: I understand what you're saying. I want to preface it by saying I've been never been to your office and I've never asked you for advice, and you've never asked me for fashion advice. [Re: an earlier convo.]

I really like that show and I think it's cool. I don't have a problem with losing. Dancing with the Stars is not about winning or losing.

Bobby Flay: My wife told me that she would divorce me if I did it.

Michael Symon: Have any other chefs been on it?

Bobby Flay: Rocco DiSpirito has been on it.

Geoffrey Zakarian: Ok, maybe I won't go on it. 

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