2/19/2013 07:31:00 AM

Bob Bob Ricard to Relaunch with a Dance Floor

The wonderfully theatrical Bob Bob Ricard and its Russian-inspired menu is simply not good for our waistlines. (We can never resist the chicken kiev stuffed with garlic butter or comforting pelmeni served with sour cream).

But it seems the Soho restaurant is in the process of finding a way for us to eat here without feeling quite so guilty. From this Saturday (February 25) Bob Bob Ricard is closing its bar area for a refurbishment. When it reopens before the summer, the bar will become part of the restaurant and will also include a dance floor. Indulge on posh comfort food, and then work it off on the dance floor - it could be the perfect night out.

1 Upper James St., W1F 9DF; 020 3145 1000


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