2/20/2013 10:19:00 AM

Best Thing We've Eaten This Week: Fried Chicken at Strip T's

Buttermilk fried chicken at Strip T's

Tim Maslow’s buttermilk fried chicken at Strip-T’s is mighty memorable. To be sure, this is a classic - the bird is brined and fried in buttermilk batter so it’s real crisp, a nice texture against the succulent chicken. We especially love the sweet potato cake (made in the likeness of the dim sum turnip cake, said my server) served with a housemade Sriracha marshmallow on top. Yeah, it's like a mini sweet potato casserole with a kick. Together with the piperade, a savory blend of peppers and onions (´ la Basque), and cilantro, it’s a must-try dish. But do it quickly, Maslow tells us he’s switching to roast chicken soon ($18; 617-923-4330).


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